Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hair transplant services are becoming popular in Lahore

I am regular viewer of daily newspapers. The advertisements which cover most of the newspapers are related to health issues specially hair transplants, male sexual power problems.

Any body who have cash in pocket can place add and make money. There is no proper certification procedures for such sensitive fields. Below you will see two adds that were published in dunya news on 7th June 2014.

Most liked minister in Pakistan

The minister of Punjab Pakistan who is loved among people is Mian Shahbaz Sharif. There are many reasons for such love but main reason is his active and responsive attitude towards problems of its people.

Leading news channel Geo banned for 15 days and fined 10 million rupees

According to Dunya news,  The leading news channel in Pakistan Geo is banned for 15 days by media regulatory authorities of country. Channel will also pay a fine of 10 million rupees.

Pemra has issued orders which are effective immediately. Other sources report that the action was merely a favor to geo news. And army will definitely not be happy with current scenario.

Ghazi medical college inauguration ceremony in D.G. Khan

According to dunya news, The honorable minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif attended ceremony of inauguration of Ghazi medical college in D.G. Khan. Dera Ghazi Khan has long waited for this moment because of lacking facilities in education and specially medical.

McDonald Pakistan launch fizzy delight for summer

According to Dunya news, McDonald Pakistan has launched the new summer drink fizzy delight. It's available in two flavors as strawberry and mixed berries.

The refreshing summer drink is named McFizz and price is very attractive of Rs. 95 only. McDonald is enjoying as official restaurant of world biggest sports event Fifa 2014 in Brazil.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sorry for not being in contact

Dear readers,

Due to my personal issues of family and business, I was not able to write. Writing is a passion for me but it require dedicated concentration. That was hard to find in hard times.

I would be in contact now once a week.


Friday, June 14, 2013